Saturday, 19 November 2011

halloween baby - baby 8

Lucas loved the little ice babies. I think they fascinate him.

Freya loved being flung in the air. I think she will be a roller coaster lover when she is older.

When Lira saw a pic of me when lucas was born she wanted to style her hair like mine. It really suits her.

Lucas said he would age up sooner so i could carry on with my challenge. I would be sad to see him go but i need to continue my challenge. He gave little tegan a hug before going down to his cake.

Helana had aged up as well and had come to enjoy the birthday celebrations

Henry was ageing up to. he would now be the oldest child in the house.

With his candles blown out, amie rushed to him and gave him a big hug. those two have a close bond.

I cheered and cried as i was overcome with different emotions.

Helana cheered on lucas as he span into his adulthood.

He was a tall handsome young man. he even had some stubble. 
get him on the exchange 

Henry ws also a handsome boy. He reminds me so much of paul when were at school.

I cant believe how much henry and amie look alike. if it wasnt for there hair and eye colour, they would look like different age twins.

Lucas and helena had found a perfect 2 bed house. They agreed they would move in together.

And with one phone call, he was all set to move out

i was so sad to see him. i watched him drive away. Just before he left. He announced the perfect house was in bridgeport. Now i would see him even less.

But the sight of lira bonding with her brother aaron. my frown was turned up-side down.

When i was teaching aaron to speak. i realised it was halloween. I then hit me that we needed to have a party, to get are minds of lucas's move.

i bought washable black hair dye and black contacts. i also changed my makeup. I was no cat woman.

I wore a black suit with tail and ears. 

And aaron was my little panda bear. 

I hired some lights to make the house more spooky.

By the time i had cooked and fed little aaron. the school bus had arrived.

Henry wore some pale makeup and some of my eyeliner. He also bought some green hair dye.

I dont really know who he was. But he said he was a monster, zombie science freak.

Lira died her hair ginger. And wore some dungarees with a striped jumper. She was chuckie.

Amie had red hair and red contacts. 

She put on some black lipstick and a red dress.  he was meant to be an evil orphan.

Time for some photos. Lira wanted them for her photography and modelling portfolio.



Looking at the beach

Amie( this photo scares me) 

I like this one because the house is GLOWING GREEN.


Serious face

the little cub.

new idea

This one also freaks me 

With the winter fast approaching.  Winter clothes were in full force. I love this wooly hat. it was in the sale.

I ADORE THIS OF ME AND AARON. i love the stars and his little cheeky smile.

'Lira loved the party. she kept talking about it. She even slept talked about it.

My baby boy was ageing up in the morning. I would miss are little cuddles when the others were at school

As i was unable to sleep. i painted for a bit until i couldnt keep my eyes oopen.

with the cakes set. we had a load of birthday to take care of.

Lira was first. She wished that she will become an ultra rich famous model.

Amie cheered as she blew out the last candle. she wished that she could be famous. 

Lira was a pretty young lady. She curled her hair. and made her make up more prominent.

She wore a purple top with short dungarees. 

Amie had long hair and some makeup but knot much. she preferred a natural look.

Even though the temperature was going south. the girls insisted they wore shorts.

Little aaron was next. 

Lira was a beautiful girl. i am sure she will go far with her modelling career. 
My ice babies were next. I couldn't wait to see there face patterns.

Aaron was a very trendy boy. with his cardigan and vans. 

WOOO Teagan was the first girl to inherit the purple hair. He pink face patterns amazed me to.

I dressed both tegan and freya in a top, leggings and converse.

I love the pink face pattern. its so pretty. Freya inherited the white and blue hair colour.

apart from skin and hair. there identical.

After all the birthdays i got th asy option of a pizza for tea. but the kids weren't complaining. 

Just continuing my rule of the toddlers and there friends.

On my way to tell jack that the babies had age up i came across thin man. A strange but unique man. He explained to me that jack had informed them of my challenge. And there were now 3 other men not including him that wanted to be fathers in the challenge. I couldn't believe my ears. When i first started my challenge, i thought people would be accusing me of being sick and horrible. but everywhere i go people support me.

We agreed to meet tomorrow at mine.

Freya was less patient then tegan. so i had to sought freya before tegan otherwise there would be tears.

But tegan just giggling at he twins silly faces.

After there dinner of mushed cooked dinner. They both fell asleep with full tummies. 
Aaron signed up for scouts and ballet. he said he wanted to make the most of his time in school. 

The kids were great at getting on with their homework. Henry was a genius so he got his done realy fast.

Where as lira was easily confused.

when i went to check on the babies. I found henry reading a book with tegan. Seeing this i let out  loud awwwwwwww noise and even little freya giggled.

Im so glad my kids get on with each other. Because some children fight and irritate eachother. 

Lira wanted tolearn piano. i was glad to see someone using the grand piano in my room

When jubjee arrived (yes, thats his name) we kissed and made our way to the shower.

Baby 8 was in the making.

I had learnt how to make sushi. Aaron loven it so much he ate 2 plates of it.

After tea i let freya ride the horse.

she looked so happy as she gallaped and trotted 

after her ride she looked so lovingly into my eyes my heart almost melted.

I wokeup to being sick in the toilet. Atleast it ment baby 8 was on its way.

I was wright. a few hours later the feel on little hands and feet announced to me that i was pregnant. 

It was Saturday so the tunes were blasting and the pancakes were frying.

The girls swam.

And lira.....posed.

amie is her photographer. 

Aaron headed straight for the slide. He wore his favourite melon boxers.

Baby was already showing by the afternoon.

Ilike this one. 

Wow this baby was growing quick. Maybe this ment a short and sweet pregnancy.

Sunday is family morning. So this means no tv or video games. just skill building or teaching the toddlers skills.

Amie learnt a new dance sequence for her group

Lira tickled the ivories.

Aaron read a book

Henry made some potions.

Little ice baby tegan learnt to walk

I was so proud of her. My little munchkin 

Amie taught freya to talk. She has a sweet little voice.

After learning new skills, aaron and henry had a go on the see-saw 

Whilst watching the kids the contractions started. baby 8 was ready to come and greet us all.

Lira had learnt to drive so she took me to the hospital.

2 hours later i came out of hospital with the stunning olivia baby 8.
8 down-98 to go

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